Summer Maintenance Checklist


Summer Maintenance Checklist

Even though we realize the importance of maintaining our home’s exterior, many of us are often guilty of putting off routine maintenance projects around the house. A simple seasonal checklist can help keep your curb appeal and avoid more time-consuming and expensive repairs down the road.

Check Your Roof
You may not pay much attention to it, but weather, wind and everyday wear and tear can hurt your roof. Regular inspections should be performed to ensure that your roof stays in good shape and remains leak-free. Check for missing shingles, tears and mold. Making minor repairs every summer ensures your roof is prepared for upcoming temperature changes and is a lot cheaper than replacing a whole roof!

Check Exterior Paint and Siding
Washing our cars does more than just keep them looking clean; it also helps extend the life of the paint. Washing your house has the same benefit. Washing your home exterior removes dirt, pollen, and mildew and helps keep the paint and siding from deteriorating. Once the surface is clean, do a lap around your house and check for problem areas like chips and cracks.

Check decks
Give your deck a once over while the weather is warm and dry. Look for signs of rot, inspect underneath the deck (especially in areas that connect to your house), check for cracks, and check the railing to ensure they are not loose or damaged.

Seal repair cracked concrete
Concrete is a solid material. However, it is not resistant to the elements and will develop cracks and other issues over time. They are not only a tripping hazard, but gaps in your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway can compromise your home’s curb appeal. Repairing concrete cracks not only makes your driveway or patio look better it also protects it from the elements, like rain, snow, dirt, etc.