Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities, a non-profit subsidiary of the Cuyahoga Land Bank, works to improve the lives of under-resourced citizens and build healthier communities.


Through Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities, we go the extra length to provide housing opportunities to under-resourced individuals and families by collaborating with many outstanding organizations in Cuyahoga County. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities coordinates with municipalities, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, private donors, and volunteers to deliver on this mission.

Our collective efforts benefit adults aging out of foster care, veterans transitioning from military service, victims of domestic violence, the formerly incarcerated, persons in recovery and others. Working with our partners, we have donated more than 160 homes to aid people who are rising to the challenge of improving their lives.