Community Initiatives

While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for community stabilization, the Cuyahoga Land Bank takes innovative approaches to revitalize areas previously suffering from disinvestment in our communities. We partner with local governments, community development organizations, social service and faith-based organizations to effect change. These efforts are changing the landscape of urban neighborhoods and contributing to the region’s sustainability.

Project Feature

Just east of Cleveland’s thriving University Circle area, lies the newly named Circle East District. In 2014, the Cuyahoga Land Bank observed a concentration of properties just inside the western edge of East Cleveland abutting the City of Cleveland border which were tax foreclosed or going through tax foreclosure. Through strategic land assembly, and targeted acquisition and demolition efforts, the Cuyahoga Land Bank now has 280 land parcels in its inventory in a 33-acre target area along Euclid Avenue immediately abutting the most robust and developed area – University Circle.

In collaboration with the City of East Cleveland, other funders and stakeholders, the Land Bank is facilitating a strategic redevelopment plan to breathe new life into the city’s core. The first phase of a $122 Million development has already started. The Land Bank initially commissioned a study and master plan for redevelopment in 2021. The resulting five-year strategic redevelopment plan aims to create a unique and inclusive neighborhood that showcases the potential of the East Cleveland residential market and create a vibrant commercial mixed-use corridor on Euclid Avenue, leveraging its proximity to the University City educational, medical, and employment hub