Shout Out to Legacy Communities’ Local Businesses


Shout Out to Legacy Communities’ Local Businesses

In March, Cuyahoga Land Bank was awarded $10 million from the City of Cleveland to bolster the home markets of Wards 5, 10 and 14. While the beautifying, building and renovating of homes in these neighborhoods speaks to the Land Bank’s skill and experience, working here—in the centers of our city’s history and people—speaks to our passion and respect for these places. 

Cuyahoga County is known for its many neighborhoods, nooks and ethnic villages; its grit, determination, kindness, humility and loyalty; its shoreline and parks; service and philanthropy; food; creativity and architecture. Our county has a history, is building a future, and is thriving in the present, thanks in part to the businesses and people doing their part every day. If we can draw attention to those doing the good work, we will! 

With that, here is the kick-off article to a series of blogs about some of our favorite spots, vendors, services and more in or nearby the wards of the current initiative. Do you have a favorite we didn’t name? Let us know!


Citizen Pie: Pizza is a highly personal taste. Some like a lot of sauce, while others prefer just a bit of olive oil, garlic and parmesan. Some prefer toppings galore, others like it straight. For these reasons exactly, a generally agreed-upon, high-star rated pie place is hard to find. Enter Citizen Pie. This wood-fired pizza joint gets favorable ratings across the board, making it a go-to for a night in or out. Check out its Collinwood space at 15710 Waterloo on Cleveland’s East Side (or on East 4th, if you’re downtown)..

Grumpy’s Cafe: There is nothing unhappy about the hearty and tasty breakfasts and lunches served at Grumpy’s. Known for their “feel good” ingredients, this long-time Tremont spot  is typically packed to the brim, but well worth the wait. It will become a fast favorite, regardless if you live near the corner of its location at W. 14th and Auburn.

Yum Village: This small enterprise of three locations, one sitting at 2215 Chester Avenue near the E. 22nd Street intersection on Cleveland State’s campus, offers an incredible array of freshly made and affordable Afro-Caribbean food and drinks. Beyond the excellent  food, what makes Yum so unique is that it gives back by sourcing 15% of its ingredients from Haiti, the Caribbean and West Africa. 


Kafela: You’ll just want to hang out in this vibrant space surrounded by plants, art and warm vibes. But if that’s not enough to give it a try, its homemade, handmade menu will be the tipping point. A full menu? Check. Fresh coffees and drinks? Yep. Excellent snacks? You bet. 

Terrapin Bakery: Perfect for breakfast, lunch and the snacks in between, Terrapin is located near Clark and W. 14th. Grab a breakfast sandwich, coffee and cinnamon rolls to-go.

Guanaquita: Don’t miss out  on this El Salvadorian cafe, located near West 25th Street and Clark Avenue. Warm, happy and welcoming describe the environment that houses a fresh Latin menu and tasty drinks. 

Historical Features & Area Highlights/To-Dos

Beachland Ballroom & Tavern: If you’re from Northeast Ohio, you know of Beachland Ballroom. If you don’t, you need to. Not only does the kitchen pride itself on being fresh and locally sourced, the establishment as a whole is a historical CLE landmark for somewhat-underground rock concerts. This summer, they have a lineup of Flea Market type events. Located in the heart of Collinwood, Beachland is a place you want to find a reason to go. 

Maple Lanes: This four-lane alley where pins are reset by hand, jukebox music fills the air and neighborhood residents snag the seats is a true classic. Maple Lanes, on the corner of St. Clair and E. 69th, is a must-visit at least once, whether it’s to try the famous Maple Burger or just take in the vibe.

West Side Market: The West Side Market is one of our area’s most historic, renown and loved spots for locals and visitors alike. Whether you want to shop for fresh produce, meat or flowers, taste delicious regional samples or just take in the breathtaking architecture, head down to the WSM, which just received a nice $10M boost from the City of Cleveland for repairs and maintenance!

Rid-All Green Partnership: This special, 26-acre area of mostly vacant land and tax delinquent properties between E. 79th and 84th Streets off Kinsman Avenue has been transformed into an urban agricultural space to educate the next generation on how to grow and eat fresh foods and operate their own food industry businesses. Rid-All recently received great national airtime when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau spoke about this farm and how it illustrates the beauty of our region. 

The Pivot Center: With an active event calendar full of activities, Pivot is a transformed factory and warehouse for non-profit arts (i.e. print, radio, theater, dance) and social services center. Find an event to support and head over to the Center, located near Clark Avenue on W. 25th.


PopLife: Housed in a vibrant building full of life and color, this health and wellness spot features a yoga studio, sauna, snack stop and retail for those interested in living their best life. Sign up for a class. Grab a smoothie. Shop. Thrive.

Diamond Cut Barbershop: “Become legendary.” That’s the tagline of this never-fail barbershop on Superior and E. 52nd. This community-driven pillar regularly organizes, hosts and supports neighborhood events and fundraisers. 


Blue Arrow Records & Books: What was once just a record store is now a record label. This Waterloo-based shop offers buyers an eclectic variety of music, books, posters, t-shirts and more. Even better, the shop is located near the Beachland Ballroom, so go ahead – make a musical day of your trip to Collinwood.

The New Eastside Market: Groceries. Wellness. Community. This Glenville staple gets how good, wholesome food can improve a community. Not only do they offer your standard in-store, pick-up and delivery grocery shopping services, they also have a full menu of prepared foods and offer in-person cooking demonstrations.

Heinens : We know you know, but the Heinen’s Downtown space cannot be ignored or left off this list. It’s beautiful. It’s interesting. It’s a piece of art where you can buy food, wine and more. You can get food to-go or enjoy your meal under the amazing rotunda. Next time you’re on E. 9th, don’t pass up this stop.

CDC Advocates

Every ward in Cleveland has a Community Development Corporation (CDC). While these government-adjacent non-profits are typically known to work toward affordable housing for the neighborhood in which they are located, CDCs also support community services such as commercial development, job training and social services. The CDC of each ward in which we have upcoming housing development and renovation work (5, 10 and 14) and where many (though not all) of the aforementioned businesses are located are excellent advocates of their neighborhoods. Should you like more information about any of these businesses, wards or available services, don’t hesitate to reach out to:

Ward 5: Burton, Bell Carr Development

Ward 10: St. Clair Superior

Ward 14: Metro West Community Development Organization and Tremont West Development Corporation