Reclaimed and Renewed: Circle East District Greenway Paved with a Sustainable Past

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Reclaimed and Renewed: Circle East District Greenway Paved with a Sustainable Past

Cuyahoga Land Bank is breathing new life into the 30-acre neighborhood now known as  Circle East District, and sustainability is at the heart of the project.

The use of reclaimed sandstone for the walkways in the new park greenway  illustrates this commitment  And this isn’t just any sandstone – it’s a story etched in stone.

The greenway’s paths are being paved with materials salvaged from several former apartment buildings in East Cleveland—the Burnette Apartments at 15800 Euclid Avenue and six apartment buildings on Chapman Avenue built in the ’20s  featuring beautiful, cut sandstone veneers. Once vibrant homes, these structures fell into disrepair and foreclosure over the years. Eventually, they ended up in the hands of the city and the Land Bank and were demolished.

But instead of demolition marking the stones’ final chapter, the Land Bank saw an opportunity for renewal. The high-quality sandstone from the buildings was carefully extracted prior to demolition and given a second life.

This approach means:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Recycling the existing stone minimizes the need to quarry new materials, reducing the project’s environmental footprint.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Repurposing readily available materials translates to significant cost savings.
  • Historical Connection: The salvaged sandstone becomes a physical link to the neighborhood’s past, adding a unique character to the greenway.

This ingenious solution perfectly embodies the Circle East District’s vision. The neighborhood is being rebuilt with a focus on sustainability, walkability and green spaces, all while showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Circle East District is a testament to the power of community development and the potential for sustainable practices to create vibrant, resilient neighborhoods. As residents stroll along the greenway’s reclaimed sandstone walkways, they’ll be reminded that even the most challenging situations can be transformed into something beautiful and enduring.

Check out our slide show of the sandstone salvaging.