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Say Yes! Cleveland

One more reason to consider buying a Land Bank home in Cleveland.

The Cuyahoga Land Bank has dozens of renovations and new home construction projects underway within the City of Cleveland. Our new homes are market priced and built with care, boasting high energy-efficiency standards, open floor plans, and up-to-date quality finishes. Our newly renovated homes feature modernized amenities and fully upgraded systems and are truly move-in ready. One not-so-well-known benefit of purchasing one of these homes in Cleveland is the availability of the Say Yes Cleveland Scholarship Program.

A locally led non-profit, Say Yes Cleveland scholarships are intended to increase the education levels of Cleveland residents; boost and retain the population in the City; improve college access for middle- and low-income families; and spur economic growth and expansion in Cleveland.

The tuition gap-closing scholarships are available to all eligible CMSD high school graduates who plan on attending an Ohio public four-year university, two-year college, or (Pell-eligible) trade/certificate program. Scholarships from over 100 private colleges in the Say Yes National Higher Education Compact also are available to eligible students.

To qualify for a Say Yes Cleveland scholarship, students must be continuously enrolled in a CMSD high school or partnering charter high school from the 9th grade through graduation and live continuously within the city of Cleveland or one of the areas served by CMSD from the 9th grade through graduation.

Click HERE for more information on Say Yes Cleveland and check out our website for Land Bank homes in the City of Cleveland.