Redeveloping Ohio Landfills

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Redeveloping Ohio Landfills

The Cuyahoga Land Bank and West Creek Conservancy recently developed “Redeveloping Ohio Landfills,” a guide intended to help communities and other stakeholders understand regulatory obligations tied to these burdensome facilities and outline a process for envisioning what they could become with some creative thinking and community support. The report explores potential land reuse opportunities, including greenspace, solar farms, and office/light industrial construction.

“There are many factors such as post-closure monitoring requirements that come into play when looking at landfill redevelopment,” says Kim Kimlin, Director of Community Stabilization at the Cuyahoga Land Bank. “Closed landfills can be challenging, but they also provide opportunities to return the land to productive use. The priority is to maintain regulatory compliance to ensure that public health and the environment are protected.”

The guide focuses on the predevelopment stage and guides stakeholders through the steps to take in researching and planning for a development project.  Useful checklists for both regulatory matters and the development due diligence process are provided as well as interactive links for sites that must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

Please feel free to download the report HERE.