Park Development Gets Underway in Circle East District

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Park Development Gets Underway in Circle East District

New Greenway to Bring Recreation and Renewal

The Circle East District greenway is taking root! After months of clearing land, the exciting project is sprouting to life with the planting of new trees and other land development. This transformation will turn vacant lots into a vibrant greenway, offering a multi-use trail for residents and visitors to enjoy.

 The entire Circle East District was designed and is being constructed to meet (NGBS) certification requirements. This rigorous certification program ensures that the entire project meets high standards for energy efficiency, water conservation and the use of sustainable materials. The greenway is one of the community improvements related to sustainability, climate resilience, walkability, and healthy living that supports that certification process. 

The greenway is being developed thanks to its generous funding partners, including the Cuyahoga County Community Development Supplemental grant program ($50,000), City of East Cleveland ARPA funds ($1 million), and a County Healthy Urban Tree Canopy grant ($50,000).

 Connecting Our Community

The Circle East Greenway is more than just a path. It’s a symbol of connection. This new trail will provide a safe and convenient way for residents to get around the development, encouraging walking, biking, and even scooting.

 A Haven for Recreation

This exciting greenway wasn’t designed in a vacuum. Following a commitment to community-driven development, the Circle East greenway was shaped through residents’ voices and requests. Through a placemaking process (link?), which involved public meetings, interactive workshops and online surveys, residents shared their ideas and priorities. This collaborative approach ensures that all Circle East District development, including the greenway, reflects the needs and desires of the community by maximizing its potential as a space that fosters connection, recreation, and a sense of ownership for everyone who calls this community home. The possibilities for healthy enjoyment are endless.

Revitalizing Vacant Lots

The greenway project takes a brilliant approach to urban renewal. By transforming vacant lots into vibrant green spaces, the development creates a valuable amenity for residents and enhances the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood.

The Circle East project is taking a unique approach to its walkway construction, waving a bit of history into the greenway’s fabric. Local history buffs and sustainability enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that repurposed sandstone from demolished apartment buildings that once stood near the site will be incorporated into the greenway for a performance space and at entryways to the park. (link to news story?) This sustainable approach not only gives these beautiful stones a new life but also adds a touch of nostalgia to the greenway and a tangible connection between the East Cleveland of yesterday and the vibrant Circle East District community blossoming today.

A Look to the Future

The greenway development is a significant step forward for Circle East Development. With the greenway project underway, the future of this growing community is looking bright. We can’t wait to see the community bring this space to life and witness its positive impact on residents’ health, well-being and sense of community.

Stay tuned for updates on the Circle East greenway’s progress!