Partner Profile: Cleveland DRAW

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Partner Profile: Cleveland DRAW

Cuyahoga Land Bank New Home Construction Prototype

In the heart of Northeast Ohio, where revitalization meets opportunity, stands Cleveland DRAW, a dedicated architectural firm committed to restoration, renovation and development. Partnering with the Cuyahoga Land Bank, they specialize in transforming vacant and underutilized properties into quality homes for residents.

Founded in 2018 and located in Shaker Heights, Cleveland DRAW has an impressive portfolio of work on public and private projects in both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the community. They are dedicated to maintaining Cleveland’s rich history while providing new architectural interventions that meet the needs of today’s constantly evolving social, cultural and economic conditions.

“Cleveland DRAW brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table,” says Jennifer Vazquez-Norman, Assistant Director of Real Estate Development for the Land Bank. “I have worked with architect Greydon Petznick on more than 10 Land Bank projects, and we recently designed several new homes the Cuyahoga Land Bank will build in two different City of Cleveland neighborhoods,” says Vazquez-Norman. “I can come to him with ideas and a particular vision, and Mr. Petznick always works collaboratively. From the initial sketch to the final finishing touches, he understands the unique challenges and opportunities associated with Land Bank projects and ensures every detail resonates with our vision of modern, sustainable living.”