It's Happening in Berea

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It’s Happening in Berea

The City of Berea, the Berea Community Development Corporation (BCDC), Cuyahoga County Department of Development and the Cuyahoga Land Bank have teamed up to redevelop the City of Berea’s north end.
These organizations have worked collaboratively to encourage reinvestment in Berea’s northernmost neighborhood, also known as the “Poets” Neighborhood. This neighborhood experienced a high percentage of subprime loans and a high number of foreclosures over the last few years, making it eligible for Neighborhood Stabilization (NSP) funds to offset the disinvestment.  The City of Berea, BCDC & the Cuyahoga Land Bank have worked together to retain properties in the north end for development and private investment in the City.  Some of the properties slated for redevelopment are:

751 Shelley Parkway
This property will be demolished and the lot will be transformed into a rain garden project, encouraging alternative ways to retain water.

747 Longfellow
This property will be demolished by the Cuyahoga Land Bank. Berea and BCDC have partnered to build a new home in its place.

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