5 Reasons to Buy and Renovate a Cuyahoga Land Bank Home

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5 Reasons to Buy and Renovate a Cuyahoga Land Bank Home

Transforming a dilapidated house into a dream home can be a rewarding experience. Finding a house with “good bones” in a stable neighborhood at a reduced price is the key to success.

The Cuyahoga Land Bank has a number of blighted houses in its inventory, some of which have great fixer-upper project potential. Properties needing renovation are available to qualified owner-occupants and professional rehabilitation contractor/investors at a reduced cost. Whether you are looking for a home of your own or a potential investment rental property, there are many reasons to consider purchasing a house from the Cuyahoga Land Bank!

1. Make it your own – When it comes to an old house that is a little worse for wear, you can put your own stamp on what is basically a blank canvas. 

2. It’s in the details — Many older homes have architectural details and features like hardwood floors, glass doorknobs, and built-in cupboards that make them unique. It’s the details that add charm and make old houses stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd. 

3. Solid investment – We offer affordable home-ownership opportunities and potential savings on realtor fees and closing costs. Our listing prices are low because we want to enable you to invest your money into the renovations that will add value to the house! 

4. Community impact – While some of our available homes for renovation may be considered a bit of an eyesore due to years of neglect by their prior owners, repairing and restoring a home in an emerging neighborhood can be good investment for you and just plain good for the community, too. 

5. Full disclosure – For many, buying and renovating a long vacant home is a tricky proposition. No one wants to find themselves in a “money pit” situation. We lay the groundwork by performing a full assessment of all our properties. We identify needed renovations and estimate the cost to do those renovations and repairs to minimize any surprises. You are also given a full opportunity to inspect the property.

For more information or to see our current inventory of homes to renovate, click HERE.