5 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do in Winter

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5 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do in Winter

Feeling cooped up inside during the cold winter months? Now is the perfect time to tackle some indoor home improvement projects that can refresh your space. From touching up paint on baseboards to regrouting your bathroom tile, here’s our list of DIY winter home projects.

Paint a room (or two!)

Whether your interior walls are showing wear or you’re just not into that sage green accent wall anymore, painting is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh and renew any room in your home.

Touch up baseboards

Baseboards and trim are prone to nicks and dings and general wear. Painting your baseboards is one of the best cosmetic improvements you can make in a room.

Wash your windows

Winter is a great time to wash the inside of your home’s windows. You can tackle the other side of the glass when the weather warms up.

Regrout your bathroom tile

The grout that fills the joints between tiles in your bathroom shower or kitchen backsplash may become loose or crack over time, become discolored due to water exposure and mildew growth or look dirty or faded as time goes on. Removing old grout and applying new grout can make your tile shine again.

Refresh your floors

Hardwoods are a beautiful and classic feature of home decor. Like other home features, hardwoods need regular attention to maintain their appeal. Over time, dents and scratches can appear on your floor due to use. Sanding and refinishing hardwoods can improve their condition. Refinishing hardwoods can be a DIY project; however, a professional floor refinisher can rejuvenate your floors quickly and correctly.