Community Collaborations & Partnerships

How to partner with the Cuyahoga Land Bank

Our collaborations and partnerships help many looking to re-use vacant land or buildings.

One such use is housing for underserved and at-risk populations in our community. By donating properties from our inventory to these organizations with unique property needs, we can help them advance their community mission. A win-win for all. If your organization provides human services (whether it is housing for veterans, refugees, transitional housing, community re-entry, or learning centers), you can engage the Cuyahoga Land Bank to help find a suitable facility or site.

We also provide such opportunities for religious and other non-profit institutions to expand their facilities.

Businesses, too, can contact us to learn if we can assist in meeting their relocation or expansion needs.

Where do we begin?

The first step is to contact our Special Projects Manager to discuss your need. If the Cuyahoga Land Bank can help, we will schedule a meeting with you and our team to discuss your project further and create a collaboration plan. Factors considered are an organization’s operational and financial capacity and sustainability and its ability to fund and manage the proposed property renovations or construction.

Next, our team will perform a search within your preferred geographical area for suitable properties already in our inventory or tax-delinquent vacant or forfeited properties. For mission-based organizations, these properties can be conveyed to the organization at a minimal cost.

For more information on our Community Collaborations Program, contact Marcelina Sladewska, Special Projects Manager, at [email protected] or (216) 698-3022.