PPS Software Subscribers Grow

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PPS Software Subscribers Grow

Managing and tracking properties through the process from acquisition to disposition is a must for any successful land bank. The Cuyahoga Land Bank’s sophisticated cloud-based software application, known as the Property Profile System (PPS), continues to be a premier property management tool for land banking, with licensing agreements with land banks throughout the state and nation. Subscribers to the customizable software continued to grow in 2022 with the addition of the Muncie Land Bank in Muncie, IN.

“It’s imperative to have a single source of truth and accurately manage and analyze properties that are either to be acquired, disposed of, or currently in inventory,” says Michael Schramm, Director of Information Technology and Research for the Cuyahoga Land Bank. “With PPS, land banks can properly integrate local data, geographic target areas, analyze trajectories, validate and visualize data using maps and much more. PPS also integrates readily with other data systems.”

“Working with the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s PPS software team has been a great experience,” says Nate Howard, Executive Director of the Muncie Land Bank. “The team has been extremely accessible during the onboarding process and genuinely interested in tailoring the software to our particular needs and context. We already see the system’s benefits in our day-to-day work and consider it one of the better investments we have made since our inception.” Established in 2017, the Muncie Land Bank works to eliminate the negative effects of vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties in the City of Muncie.

“We were excited to bring the Muncie Land Bank on board,” said Isaac Nicholas, Information Technology and Software Engineer at the Cuyahoga Land Bank. “We take pride in the powerful customization options of PPS, working with each new customer to integrate into their existing workflow, website, and data systems. We believe the software should conform to the land banks, not the other way around.”

The Cuyahoga Land Bank developed PPS in-house for its own operations in 2010, and currently, eight other land banks subscribe to utilize PPS. For more information on PPS, please contact Michael Schramm at [email protected].