Home Tours Go Virtual

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Home Tours Go Virtual

There’s no way around it: the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we buy and sell homes. While virtual real estate tours are not new, the practice has increased exponentially since shelter-in-place was first ordered back in March. With the limited ability to market and show properties, the Cuyahoga Land Bank recently began hosting live virtual tour events on social media to preview its renovated properties for sale.

“Virtual tours have become a popular means of showcasing our quality home renovations,” says Dennis Roberts, Programs and Property Management Director for the Cuyahoga Land Bank. “Virtual tours make house-hunting more convenient, allowing potential buyers to walk through homes remotely as if they were there in person. Short of smelling fresh flowers and chocolate chip cookies in the oven, these tours give potential buyers a great sense of being inside a home.”

“Beyond selling a home, online tours offer us the opportunity to share with our friends, partners, stakeholders and the general public the amazing renovation work we are doing and how we are positively impacting Cuyahoga County neighborhoods,” says Roberts.

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