Side Yard Program

Do you want to plant a garden, add an addition to your home, install a driveway or garage or simply have more room for your children and pets to play? If you live or do business next to a vacant lot owned by the Cuyahoga Land Bank you may be eligible to purchase the lot to expand your yard or business through the Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yard Program. Hundreds of County residents have taken advantage of the Side Yard Program improving the value of their properties and helping to beautify their streets and neighborhoods.

If you are interested in purchasing a vacant lot next to your home or business for a discounted rate, get started by taking the following steps:

1. Determine who owns the lot next to your home.

Review the table below of all vacant lots owned by the Cuyahoga Land Bank.

If you are not able to locate the lot next to your home in the list below, the Cuyahoga Land Bank may not own the lot. To determine who owns the lot in question please visit the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer's website by following the link below. Enter the permanent parcel number or address of the lot in the search field to view ownership information. Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer

If the lot is owned by the City of Cleveland Land Bank please contact the City of Cleveland Land Bank at 216-664-4126 or visit the following website for more information. City of Cleveland Land Bank

The Cuyahoga Land Bank reserves the right to withhold any property from the Side Yard Program.

2. If the lot is owned by the Cuyahoga Land Bank review the eligibility requirements below to determine if you are eligible to purchase the property next to your home.

  • The Applicant should preferably live in and own a property adjacent to a Cuyahoga Land Bank lot.
  • The Applicant must not have issued code violations from the local building and zoning authority for their primary residence and other properties he or she owns in Cuyahoga County.
  • The Applicant must be current on all real estate taxes and assessments for their primary residence, and must be current on real estate taxes and assessments for other properties he or she owns in Cuyahoga County.
  • The Applicant must not be a prior owner of real property in Cuyahoga County that was transferred as a result of tax foreclosure proceedings.
  • The lot must be vacant and unimproved real property with no structures, unless approved by the Cuyahoga Land Bank.
  • The Applicant must be able to maintain the lot in accordance with all local building, housing and zoning codes.
  • The Applicant must provide a letter of determination from their Councilperson (in the City of Cleveland) or Municipal Representative (Suburban municipalities) indicating that the City supports the sale of the property.

    *The foregoing eligibility requirements are guidelines and may be waived or modified as determined by the Cuyahoga Land Bank to accommodate unique circumstances. This may include non-occupant owners and non-adjacent Applicants.

    3. If you are eligible to purchase the property next to your home download a Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yard Application by clicking here.

    4. Before submitting your application please review the following key considerations:

  • Neighbors are encouraged to apply to the Cuyahoga Land Bank at their earliest convenience. However, please be aware that the process to purchase a side yard may take between 30 days and nine months to complete. The timeframe to purchase a side yard varies greatly based on the complexity of the demolition and site finish and the season when the demolition occurred. If you have questions on the what to expect for a specific lot next door to your home please contact the CCLRC Side Yard staff.
  • Applications will not be processed until the structure is demolished, unless otherwise approved by the Cuyahoga Land Bank in unique circumstances.
  • The Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yard Program operates on a first come first served basis. The first qualified Applicant to submit a complete application that is approved by the municipality, will receive priority consideration.
  • Once the application has been approved and the lot has passed the Cuyahoga Land Bank's inspection process, the Cuyahoga Land Bank and the buyer will work together to close the transaction.
  • Once the demolition is complete and the site has basic finishes, the property will be transferred "AS IS" via a limited warranty deed.
  • The Cuyahoga Land Bank maintains the right to condition the transfer of title on the buyer's acceptance of certain deed restrictions. Restrictions may be included in the deed to ensure properties are maintained in an agreed upon way. If the buyer fails to maintain the property in an agreed upon way, the Cuyahoga Land Bank may exercise its discretion and take title to the property back from the buyer.
  • The cost to purchase a single lot is as follows:
         Owner occupants - $100. To be considered an owner occupant your property must be held in your name and the tax mailing address must match your property address.
         Investment Property Owners - $500. Properties owned for investment purposes or owned under a business/LLC name.
  • This fee is due once the application is approved and the Applicant receives a Property Conveyance Agreement from the Cuyahoga Land Bank. The fee can be paid by check or money order to: Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation

    5. Submit the Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yard Application to the following address:

        Cuyahoga Land Bank
        Attn: Side Yard Program
        812 Huron Road E.
        Suite 800
        Cleveland, OH 44115

    For more information on our Side Yard Program contact Jason Knauer at or 216-698-8853.

    Click here to download the Side Yard Program Application

  • Potential Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yards

    ParcelAddressDate postedMunicipalityCleveland WardBldgsStatus
    128-02-08210809 Grandview Ave06-13-2022NEWCleveland060Vacant lot
    128-27-08911412 Forest Ave05-09-2022Cleveland040Vacant lot
    133-04-0623573 E 76th St05-09-2022Cleveland060Vacant lot
    133-19-0453946 E 74th St05-09-2022Cleveland120Vacant lot
    015-22-1243727 W 41st St04-14-2022Cleveland140Vacant lot
    142-04-0684175 E 146th St04-14-2022Cleveland010Vacant lot
    016-17-0963541 W 58th St04-12-2022Cleveland140Vacant lot
    127-25-0203465 E 105th St04-12-2022Cleveland040Vacant lot
    672-05-0861257 Rozelle Ave04-12-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    108-09-041696 E 102nd St03-25-2022Cleveland090Vacant lot
    109-23-0141210 E 114th St03-25-2022Cleveland090Vacant lot
    671-10-08913900 Orinoco Ave03-25-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    671-11-10314400 Ardenall Ave03-25-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    671-12-08614012 Northfield Ave03-25-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    673-12-0451838 Allandale Ave03-25-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    761-11-00319406 Harvard Rd03-25-2022Warrensville Heights0Vacant lot
    781-05-046 Glenburn Ave03-25-2022Maple Heights0Vacant lot
    108-14-10810712 Sprague Dr03-18-2022Cleveland100Vacant lot
    131-31-0403554 E 46th St03-18-2022Cleveland120Vacant lot
    136-03-00310010 Prince03-18-2022Cleveland020Vacant lot
    138-17-12113406 Caine Ave03-18-2022Cleveland010Vacant lot
    671-11-06214701 Ardenall Ave03-18-2022East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    782-14-07821001 Hillgrove Rd03-18-2022Maple Heights0Vacant lot
    105-33-1697715 Myron Ave01-24-2022Cleveland070Vacant lot
    111-05-058516 E 120th St01-24-2022Cleveland100Vacant lot
    135-18-08910329 Reno Ave01-24-2022Cleveland020Vacant lot
    136-02-0873927 E 99th St01-21-2022Cleveland020Vacant lot
    110-25-04511707 Castlewood Ave01-06-2022Cleveland090Vacant lot
    006-06-1192106 W 78th St12-13-2021Cleveland150Vacant lot
    115-28-00915528 Saint Clair Ave12-09-2021Cleveland080Vacant lot
    138-18-02813610 Caine Ave12-01-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    672-24-0601862 Marloes Ave11-19-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    106-07-0101430 E 85th St11-16-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    130-21-0013415 E 116th St11-16-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    137-18-06813405 Horner Ave11-16-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    138-03-08212409 Benwood Ave11-12-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    133-19-0523941 E 74th St11-04-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    786-01-04315800 Northwood Ave11-04-2021Maple Heights0Vacant lot
    128-14-05310209 Lamontier Ave10-28-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    106-09-0241450 E 71st St10-19-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    115-03-119943 E 140th St10-19-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    121-33-06811111 Notre Dame Ave10-19-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    134-13-1028017 Goodman Ave10-12-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    134-13-1038017 Goodman Ave10-12-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    021-22-08411926 Geraldine Ave10-08-2021Cleveland160Vacant lot
    109-22-1051148 E 113th St10-08-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    111-02-081503 E 114th St10-08-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    106-18-0817710 Redell Ave09-28-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    132-25-0506822 Park Ave09-27-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    135-04-0609324 Aetna Ave09-27-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    135-11-01111414 Union Ave09-27-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    137-01-0623567 E 117th St09-27-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    137-02-00212010 Union Ave09-27-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    130-13-0613418 E 143rd St09-24-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    137-19-10913916 Svec Ave09-24-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    130-10-0933398 E 135th St09-21-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    130-13-0993415 E 140th St09-21-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    137-12-02213311 Melzer Ave09-21-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    110-02-055631 E 115th St09-09-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    125-34-0753412 E 73rd St09-09-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    134-14-0698221 Goodman Ave09-09-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    110-15-20012918 Brackland Ave08-03-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    127-27-0863439 E 114th St08-03-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    143-14-00216906 S Miles Rd08-03-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    106-10-0267118 Dellenbaugh Ave07-27-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    110-07-098715 E 124th St07-27-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    126-08-0569115 Capitol Ave07-27-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    127-27-0153423 E 113th St07-27-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    014-01-1283870 W 40th St07-19-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    111-16-048428 Cleveland Rd07-19-2021Cleveland080Vacant lot
    131-32-0413696-94 E 52nd St07-19-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    132-08-0023633 E 59th St07-19-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    135-10-0213534 E 112th St07-19-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    135-12-0203655 E 108th St07-19-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    121-34-09211405 Mount Overlook Ave07-01-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    105-25-0281186 E 71st St06-30-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    117-02-0491776 Victoria Rd06-30-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    125-12-0746528 Newman Ave06-30-2021Cleveland050Vacant lot
    128-11-0212850 E 104th St06-30-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    130-06-0773344 E 126th St06-17-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    015-24-0413209 Chestnutdale Ave06-08-2021Cleveland140Vacant lot
    125-14-0572946 E 66th St06-08-2021Cleveland050Vacant lot
    131-31-0243605 Sykora Rd06-08-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    110-02-065671 E 115th St05-14-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    786-02-14916114 Maplewood Ct05-06-2021Maple Heights0Vacant lot
    127-24-0823451 E 104th St05-03-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    128-13-0759819 Sophia Ave04-26-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    136-02-0963878 E 99th St04-22-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    112-24-14614610 Thames Ave04-19-2021Cleveland080Vacant lot
    113-14-01615624 Damon Ave04-19-2021Cleveland080Vacant lot
    671-04-01813320 Hartford Ave04-19-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    106-23-1731644 E 85th St04-12-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    108-09-093672 E 101st St04-12-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    108-22-00510116 Garfield Ave04-12-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    109-24-0551275 E 111th St04-12-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    111-06-066472 E 117th St04-12-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    123-21-0973102 Otokar St04-12-2021Cleveland050Vacant lot
    131-36-0733618 E 57th St04-12-2021Cleveland120Vacant lot
    138-03-06712604 Benwood Ave04-12-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    136-03-03410401 Nelson Ave04-09-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    671-10-17714124 Ardenall Ave04-09-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    671-19-09713999 Shaw Ave04-09-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    672-04-0531220 N Lockwood Ave03-15-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    107-03-033901 Ansel Rd03-10-2021Cleveland090Vacant lot
    137-05-01213606 Union Ave03-10-2021Cleveland040Vacant lot
    111-09-045543 Eddy Rd03-08-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    115-02-076847 E 141st St03-08-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    135-07-0683569 E 104th St03-08-2021Cleveland060Vacant lot
    671-06-03613402 4th Ave03-08-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    672-17-04913408 Lambert St03-08-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    672-24-1071871 Roxford03-08-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    671-04-09613401 Claiborne Rd02-25-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    105-28-0461154-56-58 E 74th St01-26-2021Cleveland100Vacant lot
    106-15-1167013 Russell Ct01-26-2021Cleveland070Vacant lot
    136-06-06111400 Dove Ave01-26-2021Cleveland020Vacant lot
    142-05-0474067 E 148th St01-26-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    673-01-0241739 Noble Rd01-26-2021East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    143-15-0954616 E 173rd St01-11-2021Cleveland010Vacant lot
    671-01-1641269-71 E 137th St12-29-2020East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    672-25-07914636 Euclid Ave12-28-2020East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    105-25-0131179 Addison Rd09-30-2020Cleveland070Vacant lot
    110-08-110647 E 130th St08-31-2020Cleveland100Vacant lot
    110-19-03011516 Temblett Ave08-31-2020Cleveland090Vacant lot
    117-09-0481766 Cliffview Rd08-31-2020Cleveland100Vacant lot
    130-01-0243285 E 116th St08-31-2020Cleveland040Vacant lot
    116-02-052435 E 156th St07-08-2020Cleveland080Vacant lot
    139-01-0463593 E 143rd St02-12-2020Cleveland020Vacant lot
    673-04-07715345 Plymouth Pl12-31-2019East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    016-16-0453453 W 59th St12-10-2019Cleveland140Vacant lot
    132-12-063 Gertrude Ave 12-10-2019Cleveland120Vacant lot
    117-09-0691757 Burgess Rd11-21-2019Cleveland100Vacant lot
    137-24-12413409 Southview Ave11-21-2019Cleveland020Vacant lot
    137-24-02013301 Durkee Ave11-19-2019Cleveland020Vacant lot
    138-09-0654122 E 127th St11-19-2019Cleveland020Vacant lot
    111-15-083356 E 123rd St11-18-2019Cleveland100Vacant lot
    132-14-0966725 Hosmer Ave05-13-2019Cleveland120Vacant lot
    139-06-0813993 E 144th St05-02-2019Cleveland010Vacant lot
    139-02-1783670 E 144th St01-10-2019Cleveland020Vacant lot
    125-36-0307729 Union Ave01-03-2019Cleveland060Vacant lot
    137-02-05612401 Benham Ave12-14-2018Cleveland040Vacant lot
    139-03-0753794 E 143rd St12-14-2018Cleveland020Vacant lot
    672-02-0501040 Carlyon Rd11-21-2018East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    784-11-0685754 Longwood Ave11-21-2018Maple Heights0Vacant lot
    138-02-1413937 E 120th St08-23-2018Cleveland020Vacant lot
    125-25-0623269 E 56 St 08-17-2018Cleveland050Vacant lot
    125-25-0633267 E 56th Pl08-17-2018Cleveland050Vacant lot
    131-28-0203628 Independence Rd06-18-2018Cleveland120Vacant lot
    105-33-1567417 Myron Ave05-23-2018Cleveland070Vacant lot
    672-05-1321187 Bender Ave02-13-2018East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    105-32-0297607 Cornelia Ave12-08-2017Cleveland070Vacant lot
    023-14-001 09-22-2017Cleveland160Vacant lot
    X132-06-034.16720 Forman Ave (fr & Rear)09-14-2017Cleveland120Vacant lot
    673-03-0501782 Rosedale Ave09-05-2017East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    671-05-17713409 Garden Rd08-31-2017East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    X104-17-132.16112 Luther Ave (front & Rear)07-28-2017Cleveland070Vacant lot
    115-08-03014803 Pepper Ave06-21-2017Cleveland100Vacant lot
    X106-02-123.11317 Russell Ave04-11-2017Cleveland070Vacant lot
    X120-02-092.110915 Orville Ave (fr & Rear)02-09-2017Cleveland090Vacant lot
    127-12-0033332 E 93rd St01-17-2017Cleveland060Vacant lot
    132-13-0306115 Fullerton Ave09-06-2016Cleveland120Vacant lot
    671-09-1151827 Hayden Ave04-25-2016East Cleveland0Vacant lot
    128-02-16710910 Hulda Ave02-11-2016Cleveland060Vacant lot
    131-28-0193624 Independence Rd01-31-2015Cleveland120Vacant lot
    132-01-0883627 E 61st St11-20-2014Cleveland120Vacant lot
    141-06-0094281 E 160th St02-13-2014Cleveland010Vacant lot
    123-21-0284712 Lester St12-27-2011Cleveland050Vacant lot
    110-11-016901 Thornhill Dr08-12-2011Cleveland100Vacant lot
    110-21-01411405 Saywell Ave07-22-2010Cleveland090Vacant lot
    234-26-120 Mackenzie Rd07-21-2010North Olmsted0Vacant lot

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