US Reps unveil bipartisan legislation to fund demo of abandoned homes (WOIO)

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US Reps unveil bipartisan legislation to fund demo of abandoned homes (WOIO)


Conservative estimates claim there are 26,000 abandoned homes in Cuyahoga County and at least 15,000 are beyond repair and need to be torn down.

“It just makes sense people in this neighborhood won’t get relief until these eyesores are removed,” said Congressman Steve LaTourette.

As usual, it comes down to money and it’s not available, so Congressman LaTourette and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge are co-sponsoring bi-partisan legislation that hits the house floor Monday night that would issue bonds to land banks for demolition.

“States like Florida and Nevada may have eclipsed us in foreclosures late into the housing crisis but if you look around you this is the epicenter,” said Congresswoman Fudge.

Abandoned houses falling down is beyond just being a problem in many Cleveland neighborhoods and unless something is done and something is done soon whole neighborhoods will be destroyed.

“These blighted structures are a disease that infects the entire neighborhood good people who diligently pay their mortgages are affected because they see their property values plummet,” Fudge said.

LaTourette believes the people who live here and keep up their property are just spinning their wheels, “It doesn’t make any difference property values will continue to take a hit safety is a concern there was a young lady kidnapped on this street, the last few Cleveland police officers injured were in abandoned properties they need to come down so these neighbors who are taking care of their properties can move on.”

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