Slavic Village on the road to recovery (WOIO)

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Slavic Village on the road to recovery (WOIO)


Slavic Village Recovery (SVR) says two completely renovated properties have been sold and are homes to proud families on E 54th Street. With more homes currently under construction and a group of eager buyers, SVR anticipates welcoming many more new residents to Slavic Village in the coming year.

Two additional homes will be sold as soon as early February.   

“On behalf of the Slavic Village Recovery Project, we are thrilled to welcome these families to Slavic Village,” said Robert Klein, project creator and partner.  “When this community has truly been revitalized and hundreds of new residents call Slavic Village home, one of our greatest achievements will be providing homeowners with quality affordable housing.”
Both newly purchased homes were sold for less than $63,000 and underwent complete renovations.  Monthly mortgages are less than $500 including taxes and insurance.
Asked about her experience with the Slavic Village Recovery team, Bev Langl said,  “Christina and Jeff could not have worked any harder, and I don’t think I could have done it without them. They went above and beyond.  Not only did they provide a beautiful home, they also introduced me to a church volunteer group who moved me in.  I love my home, and feel very welcomed by the community.”
The SVR expects to renovate close to 200 homes in the area to support the transformation of Slavic Village.
Interested homebuyers should contact SVR Project Director, Jeff Raig at 216.641.2586 or email [email protected].
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