Registry Aims To Combat Urban Blight (KSEE 24)

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Registry Aims To Combat Urban Blight (KSEE 24)

 In an effort to combat the blight issues in Fresno, the city is now compiling a registry of vacant properties so it knows who to contact in case problems come up.

The City said the contact information will help address vandalism or repair issues much faster. It’s a new requirement for owners and property managers of buildings vacant for more than 30 days.

Mark Standriff, who is the City’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs said, “Last summer the City Council under the Mayor’s direction passed the ‘Vacant and Blighted Properties Ordinance’ which basically now starts to give us tools that we can build to make sure that we are not only addressing the issue of vacant and blighted homes around the area.”

The registry is located here on the City’s website. It’s free, and if owners/property managers don’t register, they may face a fine of $250 a month.

“It allows us to not only contact property owners immediately that gets us all the contact information to let them know that there are issues to the property or that there have been some complaints filed against it,” stated Standriff.

Fresno City Code Enforcement Supervisor Howard Lacey said the ordinance is meant to maintain the charm of older neighborhoods in Fresno.

Lacey said, “Well the best thing is for property owners to be very proactive with their properties and ultimately we want to get them all occupied. That’s the goal.”

Property owners must submit their information into the city’s vacant/blighted property registry by April.

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