Land Bank Board Hears A to Z Presentation

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Land Bank Board Hears A to Z Presentation

At its September 28, 2012 board meeting, the County Land Bank welcomed three new board members: North Olmsted Mayor Kevin Kennedy, City of Warrensville Heights Mayor Brad Sellers and Community Development Specialist Bobbi Reichtell. As a part of this welcoming, the entire staff of the County Land Bank presented to the Board an “A to Z” presentation of the work of the County Land Bank. Staff members presented the Board with the County Land Bank’s research techniques and procedures as well as acquisition, assessment, environmental, sales activities and financial accounting systems.Microsoft PowerPoint - CCLRC_Board_Presentation_9-28-12

Gus Frangos, President and General Counsel for the Land Bank said that “this was an excellent opportunity for the Board to meet staff members who are doing the important work at the Land Bank. It also afforded an opportunity to see these activities in a comprehensive, chronological and team work setting.”

In its third year, the County Land Bank has become a significant driver in the elimination of blight, repurposing of distressed land and promoting home ownership and rehabilitation of properties. Chris Warren, Chief of Regional Development and Board Member representative of Mayor Jackson for the City of Cleveland indicated “an outstanding presentation at the Board meeting yesterday. . . They hit a home run! The level of professionalism and, most impressively, the shared spirit of getting a tough job done while appreciating each staff person’s role – the essence of teamwork – came through loud and clear. Team County Land Bank is on its game. Bravo!”

The meeting was attended also by County Council Members Yvonne Conwell, Dale Miller and Pernel Jones in whose districts the County Land Bank conducts significant activity.

All board meetings of the County Land Bank are open to the public.