Cuyahoga Land Bank Honored for Excellence

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Cuyahoga Land Bank Honored for Excellence

Cudell Improvement, Inc., a local Community Development Corporation (CDC) serving the Cudell and Edgewater neighborhoods of Cleveland, awarded the Cuyahoga Land Bank its Excellence in Government Award at its Annual Meeting on March 24. The award is in recognition of Cudell’s long and productive relationship with the Cuyahoga Land Bank.

“Cudell Improvement, Inc.’s partnership with the Cuyahoga Land Bank has been extremely beneficial for our Cudell/Edgewater neighborhood in putting at-risk housing stock back into productive use, keeping debris out of landfills and allowing low to moderate income residents to find a path toward home ownership,” says Anita Brindza, Executive Director of Cudell Improvement, Inc. “Very soon, our partnership will have produced 100 housing units that have been rehabbed and either sold or rented in the neighborhood. What a win for the community!”

Cuyahoga Land Bank Chief Operating Officer Bill Whitney was on hand to receive the honor, which included a certificate of recognition from the Ohio Senate.  The certificate states “All those affiliated with the Cuyahoga Land Bank, including its president, Gus Frangos, have directed themselves toward meaningful involvement in many beneficial programs and activities throughout the area, and they have certainly distinguished themselves as dynamic leaders in the community.  A dedicated group of individuals, they have contributed countless hours to meeting the needs of others, and their numerous accomplishments are truly praiseworthy.”

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is grateful for the recognition, and looks forward to partnering with Cudell Improvement, Inc. on many worthwhile projects in the future.