Blight bulldozed in east cleveland

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Blight bulldozed in east cleveland

September 14, 2011 [WOIO]


The city of East Cleveland cleared the way for some new development by bulldozing some old eyesores.

The city will demo 24 apartment buildings and 31 single family homes, which are vacant and abandoned in order to create three redevelopment sites within the city for either new housing or small commercial\mixed use development.

A large number of those at the intersection of Euclid and Hartshorn will be torn down.

East Cleveland cannot afford to tear these properties down, so the $900K needed is coming from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank through the federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

The area is large enough to be redeveloped and it is in a great location.

“There are people, whether it’s a business or resident, who can’t find, or can’t afford to find land at University Circle. Lots of people would like to be at or near University Circle,” said Mayor Gary Norton.

Approximately 80% of the wood and 60% of the brick in these units will be diverted from land fills and recycled in the marketplace.