Strategic Land Assembly

The Cuyahoga Land Bank assembles contiguous lots in order to make larger parcels of developable land or green space available whenever it is appropriate. Particularly in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County’s urban core, as population has declined from over 900,000 in the 1950’s to 397,000 today, the supply of housing outweighs demand. In such instances, renovating existing housing or building new housing in place of current housing does not always align with community needs. And, individual lots are often too small for anything other than a single house.

Similarly, in older, industrialized counties such as ours, the spatial layout of developed, vacant land does not always align with future need. Piecing individual parcels of land together can be very expensive for private developers, especially if there are potential environmental or title issues attached to the parcels. As a result, developers tend to opt to build on the fringes of developed areas where larger tracts of undeveloped land are available and ignore the potential for redevelopment within urban areas such as Cuyahoga County.

Over time, by assembling larger parcels of land for specific, new development or for the purpose of creating green space or urban gardens and farms, the Cuyahoga Land Bank is providing a second life for property that has previously been deemed undesirable by its owners and overlooked as too challenging by developers. The Cuyahoga Land Bank strategically seeks out, acquires and maintains such properties until strategic redevelopment can occur.

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